Products Alchemy of new life Our products Bringing a child into the world is a process of alchemy. So many things are changing in the physical, social and emotional fields of the pregnant person and their partner, family and surroundings. To be well prepared we believe one needs to focus holistically on all these changes. […]

What to expect…?

With a new course on the horizon, the question arises ‘What can we expect from it?’. The answer which will only fully be granted by attending, might not be satisfying enough in order to make the choice to join our course. We would like to share with you why we believe you are doing yourself […]

Welcome to Alchemy of New Life

/ˈalkɪmi/ Alchemy: A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. With the birth of a child a whole family is born. It is a magical time of change and transformation. Our course offers assistance, guidance, tools and information on the main stages of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Your teachers are a midwife, […]