Alchemy brings you this unique course FROM PARTNER TO PARENT based on our Alchemy of New Life principles. 

We believe that in approaching childbirth as a transitional process we can meet you where you are and give you the tools to work your way through, lean into the process and prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for your childbirth. This is why we present a unique childbirth preparation course: FROM PARTNER TO PARENT. Our course takes place in a beautiful location, with an intimate setting, two teachers, and working with small groups where over the course of the 6 weeks there is space for your individual process as well for a beautiful and supportive group dynamic. This course is designed especially to cover the topics below and to give you an overview of where the alchemy of childbirth takes place. At the same time we want to give you practical tools and walk with you through a process of learning and integrating. We do so through tailoring the course to your needs, crafting personal homework assignments and meaningful group discussions.

Topics that will be covered

  1. Pregnancy
  2. The birthing system in the Netherland
  3. Childbirth physiology
  4. The birth of a family
  5. Sensuality & the senses
  6. Postpartum as the fourth trimester

Topics that will be covered

More information on the topics covered in From Partner to Parent

  1. Pregnancy: we start off with where you are: pregnant. We discuss the physiology of pregnancy, movement and self exploration. How are you feeling? What are your needs at this moment whilst you are pregnant?
  2. The Birthing System in the Netherlands: How does the Dutch healthcare system work? In what ways does it differ from other places? How can you navigate it? What are some of the social and cultural perspectives on childbirth that are particular to the Netherlands? What do we see on television and in films? What conversations and stories do we read in newspapers and glossy magazines? What are some perspectives and expectations about giving birth in the Netherlands that you bring along?
  3. Childbirth Physiology: a transformative experience. What happens when and why? We will go through the birth phases, pain relief techniques, postures and movement, (medical) interventions and explore consent based decision making and what it means to do so with autonomy.  
  4. The Birth of a Family: the shift from partner to parent. Childbirth signals a change in family dynamics. Actually, multiple changes and finding ways to navigate these: finding ways of asking for support, of giving support, of nurturing healthy relationships, of managing your household with an (extra) baby. Childbirth is not just the birth of the baby, it is also the birth of a (new) family. 
  5. Sensuality & the Senses: why connection matters. Childbirth is not mechanics only. Your senses, all of them, play a role in childbirth. They are intimately connected to your hormonal system, which in turn operates the various stages of childbirth. We will talk about activating your senses, about different forms of touch and being present. When we learn to nurture connection during pregnancy, this helps to make connection during childbirth and lays a solid, sensual foundation for thereafter.
  6. Postpartum as the fourth trimester: Sometimes referred to as the forgotten trimester, as it is little talked about, but actually still very much connected to the transition that is childbirth. We will talk about the ‘kraamtijd’ a.k.a. postpartum-time, go through Duch Kraamzorg and other options, talk about breastfeeding and baby feeding, look at the qualities of the placenta, and into old and new ceremonies and rituals. But also: what food and other support can we give and receive? How important is rest? And how can you deal with all the feelings that might come up after childbirth and integrate them into your new life?