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These Are My Hours (documentary screening & introduction)

Tuesday February 25th 18:30 – 21:00 hrs, Amsterdam

Emily Graham giving birth in These Are My Hours

In all of the humanities there has never been a book, play, opera or movie about one woman giving birth. Until now.

These Are My Hours, is the only film shot entirely during a woman’s labor and told from her perspective: a primal sensory immersion into the intensity of the birth process. Featuring poetic voiceover from the birthing mother and real-time labor sounds, this is film’s first glimpse into the personal narrative of humanity’s universal journey. It is a raw display of female intensity. Without commentary as a distraction, this film offers the audience an opportunity to immerse themselves in a moment that we’ve all experienced (since we were all born!), but few get to witness. 

​– The film will be introduced by Alchemy of New Life teacher Lievnath Faber, who, besides her birth work, is a film scholar specialised in the representation of childbirth in the media. She will sketch the historical and cultural context into which we must place this film and highlight the unique qualities of the way birth is approached cinematically.

— costs: 15 EURO (including drinks & popcorn)

— location: Wijk7, Daalwijkdreef 7, Amsterdam

— for registration: send an email to (limited spaces available!)