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care for women body worker & doula

I support pregnancy and birth through touch (using different techniques like shiatsu, watts and reflexology), presence, listening, advising (if asked for) and suggesting movement (yoga and do- in based). I support women at different life cycles. Teenagers with menstruation pain, fertility, pregnancy (as well when all goes well, working with the Chinese medicine core value being prevention). I love to attend births and to be there in the postpartum period. I also work with women in their menopause and pre-menopause stage.



media scholar, birthworker & placenta specialist

I love women in all their diversity and in all their moon & life phases. I especially am drawn to working with women around their four bloods (monthly bleeding, conception, birth and menopause) and empowering them through knowledge, sharing and story telling. My background is in Film Studies – researching the representation of childbirth in the media (rMA, University of Amsterdam) – and pregnancy, birth and death accompaniment – through various birth & death doula trainings. I believe in the power of a combination communal and individual work and in a world where childbirth is embedded in society as a community practise in which both women and men find their autonomous roles.


Alchemy Principles

✡︎ Alchemy of New Life is a new and holistic approach to childbirth based in Amsterdam and The Hague.

✡︎ We recognize that the processes of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum are exactly that, a process. It is not a straight line from a-z; it is a different and personal experience for every person; it is a transformation for all involved: it is alchemy.

✡︎ We believe that in approaching childbirth as a transitional process we can meet you where you are and give you the tools to work your way through, lean into the process and prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for your childbirth – and beyond.

✡︎ We realize that we experience childbirth within the local Dutch context, with all its logistic, social and cultural ramifications. It is important for us to help you understand this context in order to navigate giving birth in the Netherlands according to your needs and wishes.

✡︎ We work with you on a mental/intellectual level, as well as on an embodied/physical and emotional level. We share information and experiences, we take time for reflective exercises and accompany you on your way through pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a parent.

✡︎ We offer workshops, courses, supporting products and one-on-one consultations.

Inclusivity & Intersectionality

We celebrate the diversity of all families and supports people from all orientations, ethnicities, gender identities, education levels, religions, diverse traditions, heritages, experiences, socio-economic statuses, and family structures.

We embrace all birth choices and strongly believe every pregnant woman/person has full ownership and autonomy over their body and their birth.

We acknowledge that:
✡︎ Not all families look the same.
✡︎ Not all pregnant women/people have the same needs, nor the same support network around them
✡︎ Patriarchy and racism are systems of oppression impacting families around their times of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum
✡︎ Not every birthing person identifies as a woman. And some do.
✡︎ Because the oppression of women is real and unfortunately still lethal we are careful in our language choices: we will not erase women -and the word ‘woman’- from our vocabulary, ever.
✡︎ At the same time we recognize that the LGBTQIA+ community is deeply marginalized in reproductive health and wellness. We therefor endeavor to use inclusive language to cultivate an environment where everyone feels welcome and included.

Our role in supporting you in the childbearing years includes recognizing that a radically inclusive approach is needed in order to foster a climate and a community in which all expecting parents can find their voice, their autonomy, agency and alchemy.



For the Mikveh / Deborah Bettoun

Honestly, I can't' remember if it was sunny outside but at home, 
the sun was definitely shining. 

For the Mikveh / Deborah


Honestly, I can’t’ remember if it was sunny outside but at home, the sun was definitely shining. 

I was about to meet my Balanite for my 9 months pregnancy Mikveh.

What needed to be done was done.  

Coincidence is not a kosher word

 Isaac Bshevis Singer.

We shared personal views on religion, Mikve experiences, pregnancy, motherhood and I felt a rare benevolence in the way Lievinath was talking to me, looking at me, at my belly, listening to me. It warmed my heart and next to her you can only feel stronger and self-confident.

Lievnath prepared me for the 9 months Mikveh during this hour of discussion, we exchanged a couple of emails before the Mikveh in itself, she sent me the prayers I could say and adjust during the immersion and there we are, time to go !

It was the first time I visited RJC and what a surprise, such a beautiful building, surrounded by nature… We planned to meet  at 12 and I felt very emotional during the morning, Mikveh always marks a step in women’s lifes.

Lievnath took as much time as we needed to tell me more about this very unique Mikveh and she was extremely curious to understand the path which led me to take this step, what is my experience with Mikveh, what I’m maybe looking for through this experience.

She immediately spots the books on the dining table, takes one out of her bag, it happens that’s we’re reading the same book by Doctor Michel Odent, brillant gynecologist.

The immersion is a deep feeling, that you can’t’ guess or imagine before feeling it, you sense a holy and protective presence in a moment when you need all your strength and confidence to give the very best of you to your baby during the coming-soon-delivery.  

When I stepped out of the water, I heard a voice saying “now you’re good to go”, I knew everything was going to be fine, I was not the pregnant woman any more, I was the mom-to-be, I was the strong parturiente-women-to-be.

I savored every moment during the successive immersions and then I looked back, back at the water that welcomed me a few seconds ago, back at the Deborah who was a bit different before this Mikveh, finally back at the flowers and the candles displayed with such benevolence and kindness by Lievintah and Ayelet, it was all going to stay in my mind and I know without a doubt that my baby girl felt it too inside my womb… 

Lievnath waited for me outside with Ayelet who was holding pretty white flowers for me and then I saw my wonderful husband, Benjamin, I could feel his emotion, I could see his emotion in his eyes, he was proud, excited and simply happy.

What needed to be done was done.  

What needed to be done was done.  

I was simply very happy to meet Lievinath again, I felt pampered, I felt that my baby and I were blessed to be there.

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