About Us


Three women joined together.
They joined forces, ideas, knowledge, hands and hearts.
They created a vessel, a new space of allowing and being.
A place to learn, develop, expend or just be.
The joint venture is created in honour of the woman- her power, the need to be supported, to be heard by sisters and birth workers with experience and deep understanding of the body, mind & spirit, during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I support pregnancy and birth through touch (using different techniques like shiatsu, watts and reflexology), presence, listening, advising (if asked for) and suggesting movement (yoga and do- in based). I support women at different life cycles. Teenagers with menstruation pain, fertility, pregnancy (as well when all goes well, working with the Chinese medicine core value being prevention). I love to attend births and to be there in the postpartum period. I also work with women in their menopause and pre-menopause stage.

I love women in all their diversity and in all their moon & life phases. I especially am drawn to working with women around their four bloods (monthly bleeding, conception, birth and menopause) and empowering them through knowledge, sharing and story telling. My background is in Film Studies – researching the representation of childbirth in the media (rMA, University of Amsterdam) – and pregnancy, birth and death accompaniment – through various birth & death doula trainings. I believe in the power of a combination communal and individual work and in a world where childbirth is embedded in society as a community practise in which both women and men find their autonomous roles.


midwife at Ocean River Midwifery, currently working in Curacao

I believe that birth belongs to the mother. My purpose is to restore the matriarchal foundation in our society. To remind our communities to live in peace, respect and in balance with our surrounding nature, with each other and most of all, with ourselves. As a midwife I provide a range of services to support young women, mothers (-to be) and our elders on their journey to fulfill their wishes regarding reproductive health, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. Apart from being a midwife I am also an author, public speaker, Arvigo® practitioner, postpartum care specialist (a.k.a. ‘kraamzorg’), mentor, teacher and an End of Life doula.