With a new course on the horizon, the question arises ‘What can we expect from it?’. The answer which will only fully be granted by attending, might not be satisfying enough in order to make the choice to join our course.
We would like to share with you why we believe you are doing yourself (and your child!) a big favor to gift yourself this amazing course.

From Partner to Parent is unique in many ways. Both the teacher combination as the content has not been offered to expecting parents before and brings out a whole new approach in the birth scene.

Our main principle is the autonomy of the pregnant / birthing person. From here we move into exploration of all that is connected to your personal journey. By providing evidence- and experience based information we give you the tools to explore what is the right way for you. We give you a wide range of information regarding the physiology of the pregnant, birthing and postpartum body to know what is happening and how you can best support you / your partner through this time. But knowing this is just a portion of how you can prepare yourself. To be able to maneuver through the Dutch midwifery system you need to know how it is set up and which guidelines and laws apply here. We are not only influenced by the system we are in, but also by how we are conditioned. We provide you with anthropological / social insights including how media effects us subconsciously in believing things that might jeopardize our experience. Knowing this helps you prepare even better.

Besides the macro-vision we also dive into the micro-vision and explore how your own birth might influence your journey, together with the context of the family. If you are receiving your child in a partnership our postpartum relationship specialist guest teacher Julie Sharon will give you all the tools to maneuver through what might be a rough patch the year after birth.

We will not only stimulate your brain, but also your body. We are going to guide you through the pregnancy with exercises, meditations and active sessions on how to use movement in pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. All we be supported with visuals, music, great beverages and healthy snacks.

A course packed with information, exercises, goodies and lots of fun to support you and your partner on this beautiful, exciting, challenging and oh-so-rewarding time in your lives.

We look forward welcoming you into our space.

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